Professional vegetable fats

Frying fats


Vegetable fats used for frying are based on rapeseed and palm oils:

  • Kargo F1
  • Kargo F2


  • they guarantee long frying without losing food quality;
  • highly resistant for oxidizing;
  • higher oxidising resistance when compared with refined oil enabling repetitive use;
  • high fume temperature up to 230 degrees;
  • easy to use form, easy dosing;
  • clarity in application;
  • they do not interfere with natural taste and aroma.


They are mainly used for deep frying of cakes (donuts, apple-pancakes etc.), fries, meat and fish.


Fats for dairy production


Fats for dairy production based on palm oils:

  • Kargo HP – for manufacturing of cheese alternative products;
  • Kargo M    - for manufacturing of fatty blends;


  • they improve the nutritional parameters of finished products (including through increased unsaturated fatty acids);
  • constant quality for the predictability of the production process (no seasonality characteristic of milk fat);
  • improvement of the characteristics of the finished products (such as lubricity and plasticity of mixes, texture, appearance and flavour of the final products);
  • the ability of the effective use in production process, with minimum effort;
  • the ability of the effective use in production process, with minimum effort.



in the production of cheese alternatives, fatty mixes, plant cream.



Product specification:

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