About us

The Company was established as a result of searching for solutions to optimise the commercial and operational activities of the selected production companies including Bakoma Sp. z o.o, Komagra Sp. z o.o. Polskie Młyny S.A., Bioagra S.A. and Bioagra-Oil S.A. BZK Group took over the purchase of some raw materials and the sale of certain products made of them acting on behalf of and to the benefit of the above companies.

The long-term strategy of BZK Group mainly takes into account direct cooperation with Polish farmers looking for solid and reliable source of supply in case of the necessary raw materials.


The growing potential of BZK Group creates the need for systematic search throughout Poland for new partners, suppliers and services, including storage operators. BZK Group welcomes all producers of crops, rapeseed and corn and derivative product producers which appreciate the opportunity of comprehensive cooperation, professionalism and competence of service, including reliable and timely payments.