The offered glycerine is manufactured at the Esther Manufacturing Plant of BIOAGRA – OIL S.A. in Tychy.
Glycerine is obtained in the purification and distillery process of G-phase product obtained in the transesterification of fatty acids.


Being a good solvent of fats and other lipids, glycerine is used in the manufacture of creams, lipsticks and other beauty products. It is an important material for the synthesis of a wide variety of chemical compounds, including some soaps. In addition to the homogenizing ability in case of ingredients of beauty products, it also represents skin hydrating qualities. Furthermore, the glycerine is used for the production of explosives (the glycerol trinitrate (V) obtained in esterification process), as well as in the tanning industry (it dries leather due to strong hygroscopic properties). The glycerine is still primarily used in the automotive industry (hard freezing fluids and antifreeze) and engineering industry; and as a lubricant component. Recently, glycerine has become an essential source for the production of epichlorohydrin, as well as polyurethane foams.

The quality of our glycerine meets the requirements of the Polish Pharmacopeia.


The production is also compatible with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM standards.


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